Top 4 Ways To Help The Community


2018 is about to end, which means that a lot of people are probably thinking of New Year’s resolutions. For many individuals, creating these resolutions is part of their annual tradition. If you are one of these persons, then there is no doubt that by now, you already have a list of the things that you want to change or do for the upcoming year. If you have “to help your community” as one of the items on the list, then make sure to read this article. Dr. Anita Chandra, Ph.D. and Dr. Joei Acosta, Ph.D. of RAND Corporation emphasizes, “We must work with local communities where innovation is happening to find the most effective ways to build resilience and work toward national policies that have resilience as a goal.” We are going to provide and show you the top ways on how you can extend your helping hand to the community, especially when you choose to homeschool your children:

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