Benefits Of Online High Schools To Stressed Teens


Teens who are stressed, whether from their failing grades, classmates that bully them, their peculiar behavior, or other difficulties, can very well benefit from enrolling in an online high school. “While parents may really want to see their child succeed, they also need to keep an eye on the level of stress that it’s putting the child under and make sure that they are taking on the role of managing their child’s stress,” says Amy Warren Psy.D., a clinical psychologist at the Child & Family Center. “Modeling appropriate coping skills is really important for a parent. When they notice those symptoms, they may need to adjust their child’s schedule or take a step back.” According to most psychologists, online high schools that are equipped with certified and seasoned teachers, helpful guidance counselors, and of course, a state-qualified curriculum offers the versatility that these stressed students need to recover from their frustrations and prepare themselves for college and eventually their future after graduation. 

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Below is a list of benefits that a state-certified online public high school can offer to help and guide teen students in overcoming usual educational limitations and struggles. 

Qualified And Committed Educators 

Most parents think that homeschooling a stressed or struggling teenager is quite tricky. They’d think that they won’t be able to commit their time to focus on the task, or perhaps they’re not going to be effective teachers. “Unlike all prior generations, children, now in school, face an accelerating surge of challenges (and opportunities) brought on by technology and globalization of the information age,” Judy Willis, M.D., a board-certified neurologist, wrote. “Consider that since birth, they have encountered the Internet, personal computers, smartphones, social media, and extensive access to contemporaneous complex worldwide information.” That’s why online schools are among the best options. Connection Academy, a certified online high school, is known to be a supportive school that provides structured learning and monitoring. Parents are allowed to help their kids in whatever way they can, and then they refer them to their designated teachers. 

Qualified and highly devoted educators teach using the curriculum that has passed the strict national and state guidelines. These educators instruct, answer questions, delegate projects, give grades, and evaluate their students’ progress and comprehension ability. They can customize their lessons to provide specific attention to a stressed student’s needs so he may surpass his academic challenges and improve his skills. 


Teachers are available for queries through email or phone to offer parental support. 

Provides A Secure Learning Atmosphere 

Traditional public high schools often struggle to provide teens with a secure and constructive learning atmosphere because of bullies and rebellious peers that tremendously affect their learning. Peter Gray, Ph.D. emphasizes that, “Over the past several decades we’ve continuously increased the amount of time that children spend at school, and at schoolwork at home, and at school-like activities outside of school.” He further says that, “We’ve turned childhood into a time of résumé building. This usually results in poor academic performance, tardiness, and absenteeism and further places the students at a disadvantage in terms of catching up with school and academic expectations. 

On the other hand, when stressed teenagers are given the opportunity to learn in a safe and secure online atmosphere where socialization is meant to match the students’ individual needs and desires. This way, they can regain their confidence and attain academic success in high school more willingly. Also, time is flexible, which is a given luxury for high school students. This can especially benefit those who are more progressive when they work according to their learning speed, those who have unusual schedules, or those who have physical or mental health conditions and require special care at home or in a facility. 

More Academic Options Online Than Other Public Schools 

Usually, students don’t have many courses to choose from in their local public schools, and some of them may not be so eager to go to school because the course they want is not available. Online high schools offer plenty of choices, specifically with language subjects and electives like game design and digital arts. These courses perk the interest of more students, and they are more engaged and eager to study and finish high school. 

Some teenagers also get easily bored because they find the usual high school experience to be boring. Online high schools change the mindset of these students by providing them with more options on honor courses and advanced placement. Career Technical Education or CTE also encourage these students to search and prepare for their selected career path. With all these on their plate, students get progressively busy and can decide what niche they are made for while propelling themselves towards their futures. 

Lesser Disruptions In Online High Schools 

According to Gloria Mark, a professor at the University of California, she noticed that it typically takes a professional about 23 minutes or more to return to his task after a certain disruption. Furthermore, a study showed that individuals scored higher in levels of frustration, stress, mental fatigue, and mental overload when they are being distracted. Just imagine how students are impacted by this finding – social anxiety, noisy and annoying classmates, and a gamut of other distractions. Teenage students’ brains are constantly being disturbed by improving and growing positively. Frustration, stress, and anxiety can be expected, among other things. Luckily, the increasing number of online high schools have significantly decreased these types of distractions and instead offer a more productive time for the students. 


To date, there have been many families, particularly parents, who have witnessed first-hand how their teenage students have become happier in their online high school years. You may want to check some of the most reputable ones right now and check them out. 


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