Benefits Of Online High Schools To Stressed Teens


Teens who are stressed, whether from their failing grades, classmates that bully them, their peculiar behavior, or other difficulties, can very well benefit from enrolling in an online high school. “While parents may really want to see their child succeed, they also need to keep an eye on the level of stress that it’s putting the child under and make sure that they are taking on the role of managing their child’s stress,” says Amy Warren Psy.D., a clinical psychologist at the Child & Family Center. “Modeling appropriate coping skills is really important for a parent. When they notice those symptoms, they may need to adjust their child’s schedule or take a step back.” According to most psychologists, online high schools that are equipped with certified and seasoned teachers, helpful guidance counselors, and of course, a state-qualified curriculum offers the versatility that these stressed students need to recover from their frustrations and prepare themselves for college and eventually their future after graduation. 

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