Tips To Become The Best Parent To Your Child


Are you aware that there is no perfect formula when it comes to parenting? Many people will probably tell you how to do things exactly, but you will still discover that the results are different on your part. As such, you need to avoid stressing yourself out about becoming the perfect parent to your child. At most, be sure that your goal would be to become the best parent and not a perfect one. Take note that the two are entirely different from each other.

As already emphasized above, there is no way that you can become a perfect mom. No matter what you do, there will always be room for error and improvement. This kind of experience is something that must not be the cause of your worry. The best and right thing to do is to follow the guide that we have provided below, but be sure to avoid pressuring yourself into doing everything on our list. As early as now, you must instill to your mind that what we have written below are merely suggestions:



Always Make Time

One of the vital things that you must never neglect is the importance of making quality time for your child. Regardless of your hectic schedule, be sure that you will always have an opportunity to bond with him. Never let your busyness take out the fun and excitement in your relationship. Keep in mind that failure to do this can have adverse effects on your child’s mental health. He may start to look for affection from other people. At the same time, he will also begin to think negative thoughts due to lack of attention and love from you.

Be Forgiving

Another thing that you must always put in mind is the need to become more forgiving to your child’s mistakes. Remind yourself that he is still in a phase in his life when committing mistakes is indispensable. As such, do not get mad or shout right away when he screws up. Instead, teach him the value of asking for forgiveness. At the same time, be sure to explain to him his errors so that he can improve. Consequently, Amy Morin, LCSW says, “If your parenting mistakes hurt your child, apologize. Role model how to accept full responsibility for your actions and show you’re committed to doing better next time.” Conversely, learn how to use positive reinforcement to let him know that you appreciate his good deeds.


Listen To Him

Communication is the secret to a happy and peaceful connection with your child. Take note that it feels good to establish the right relationship with your child, wherein he can trust you with everything he feels. Your goal is to make an effort or see to it that he will become more motivated to open up to you when something is bad in his life. The best way to make this happen is to learn how to listen to him well. “By listening you can learn more about your child’s situation so you don’t make assumptions and can eventually give better advice. Don’t just listen to see things from your son’s perspective, listen to understand how their perspective makes sense to them,” suggests Adam Price, Ph.D. an expert in child and adolescent psychology. Never judge him right away just because you think he committed a mistake. Make sure to encourage him to approach you at any time so that he can get the right guidance and support from you. “Trustful parents do not try to guide their children’s development; they trust their children to guide their own development.  They support, rather than guide, by helping children achieve their own goals when such help is requested and needed,” Peter Gray, Ph.D., research professor at Boston College wrote.

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