Therapists Believe That Homeschooling Works For Some Children (One Parent Explains His Reasons)


We all want to send our kids to the best schools to be equipped. Also as parents, we want them to learn how to socialize with others at an early age and maybe feel a bit of independence while at school. But certain things may change our plans when it comes to the education of our children. Some professionals chose to homeschool their children, and most of them are lawyers and doctors. Therapists say that there are valid reasons for this.

I was doubtful, at first, whether this method will be sufficient for my children. At first, I was worried about what other people might say that I was considering this homeschooling thing for my child. I know they will judge me for this decision, but as time goes by, it seems like homeschool is indeed the best option for my family. Anyway, there are eighteen valid reasons why I resorted to homeschooling, my children which I also read from

Homeschooling Saves Time

Before we chose to homeschool, we were sending our kids to regular school, and usually, it takes us at least four hours of travel time for all our four kids. Now, we don’t have to worry about wasting our time being stuck in traffic. Through homeschool, the four hours that we consume every day can now be spent studying.

Financially, Homeschooling Fits Our Budget

Yes, that’s right. The cost of public education nowadays is very expensive. Even a doctor’s salary cannot afford this kind of education, especially for a larger family. Instead of sending my kids into private schools, I can now save a lot of money through homeschool and prepare for their college fund which is an essential thing.

My Children Are Productive While Being Homeschooled

Through homeschooling, I can now observe the learning process of my children. I can now hone their strengths and supplement their weaknesses which makes them productive learners.


It Is Fun For Us And The Kids

Homeschooling is much easier than what I have expected. I can choose the curriculum that I want through homeschool vendor and follow the guide using their checklist. Tools and materials are also readily available. There are a lot of suitable materials on the internet such as YouTube, Dreambox, and Khan Academy.

The Children Have Access To Public School Programs

There are still programs such as speech therapy, art, music, and PE where homeschooled students can also avail in public schools. They can even join high school sports teams if they want.

I Feel Better, As A Parent By Homeschooling Them

Before, my usual day is spent driving my kids to school, preparing for their food, and attending some of the school-related meetings. Now, I can spend my time doing some recreational activities with my children and have some time for myself.

We Spend Enjoyable Time Together Each Day

Since we are in charge of our schedule, homeschool allows us to enjoy most of our time together.  My kids can enjoy playing with each other in their free time. There are no homework and late night practices. And most of all, we are sure of their safety.

There Is Less Yelling

Homeschooling makes us, the parents, as their teachers and with that, we must maintain a loving environment. It enhances my patience towards my children and allows me to understand them more to avoid getting angry.

They Have Time For Their Hobbies And Other Things

When my kids were still in public schools, they have no time for other interests due to fatigue. Now, with homeschooling, they can enjoy playing and doing creative stuff whenever they want.

Disciplining The Kids Is Immediate

We can focus on the growth of our children which means we watch over them and focus on teaching them what is right or wrong.

Bad Habits Are Gone And Fast

We can quickly identify the bad habits of the kids, if any, and correct them immediately. I can apply my behavioral techniques together with the homeschool activities such as no recess if clothes were not picked up or room not cleaned.

We Own Our Time

Flexibility is the best advantage that homeschool can give to every family. For us, we can easily schedule productive activities such as visiting museums, libraries, parks, and the likes.


Younger Children Learn From Older Siblings

My four-year-old daughter sits beside my six-year-old son during school time. They can teach each other the topics that they find difficult to understand, and this increases their teamwork. It also serves as their bonding time.

Homeschooling Is A Money Saver

Homeschooling requires one parent staying at home every time, and this method will still result in savings. Although there will be lost earnings, the savings for non-payment for private school and less travel expense is better.

I Can Teach Practical Life Skills Together With Academics

Skills such as budgeting and cooking are not usually taught in the school. Homeschooling allows parents to teach their kids these skills.

It Promotes Better Socialization With Less Unhealthy Peer Pressure And Zero Bullying

One of the problems of being at school is the issue of bullying and unhealthy peer pressure. Homeschooling assures us that our children will not experience these negative acts.

They Get To Sleep Better

According to research by National Jewish Health, homeschooled students get more sleep than those who attend school. A good night’s sleep helps them learn better and grow healthier.

It Is A Values-Formation Setting

Homeschooling enables parents to teach their own religious, moral beliefs to their children. It also gives them time to celebrate occasions that are related to their religion or belief which is part of values formation.

Although homeschool is useful in our family, this method is not for all children, but you can ask professionals like therapists and school counselors if your children are ready for it.