Homeschooling And My Kids’ Mental Health

I want to be as honest as I can be here. I believe that homeschooling my children was one of the best decisions I have ever made for them. I was homeschooled for a greater part of my life too, and I don’t have regrets at all.


Now that my children are growing up, I still think that I have not made the wrong choice. I never really questioned that choice, although I know others did. As I see them, happy and healthy as ever, I am relieved. I can’t imagine them going to a public school while I, the single mother with two jobs, was busy and couldn’t find enough time to follow up on them.

Don’t get me wrong. I respect the public school and the teachers in it. In fact, most of my family members studied in a public school, and most of them are now accomplished citizens. I just think that homeschooling really depends on the situation, and it is indeed not for everybody. As for me, I think that it is the perfect setup for my kids and me. I can trust that while I’m away, they are learning and are safe in the comfort of our home.

If you’re still not sure about what you want for your kids, then you better read this article. I hope it helps you choose well for the future of your children.

Reasons Why Homeschooling Is Good For My Kids

Children Who Are Homeschooled Usually Don’t Lack Sleep

My kids are not pressured to wake up early every morning or finish late in the afternoon because I see to it that they have a flexible schedule that encourages them to learn and avoid boredom. That is why I have arranged for them to start the lessons at 9 in the morning and finish by 3 or 4 in the afternoon. They have play rehearsals and play times with neighbors, and sometimes they sleep at about 10 or 11 in the evening. If they have school, they’ll need to wake up at 6 and head for school by 7. That’s totally unhealthy for me.

“Sleep deprived kids have more behavioral problems, more academic problems, more health problems, more risk-taking behaviors, and more anxiety and mood related problems,” explains Lynelle Schneeberg, PsyD, assistant professor at Yale School of Medicine and director of the behavioral sleep program at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center. She adds, “Sleep deprived kids have more sleep terrors, nightmares, sleepwalking, and bedwetting.”

My Homeschooled Kids Are Eating More Healthily


“If you don’t want your kids to eat junk food, don’t put it in your shopping cart. Replace chips, cookies, and sodas with fruits, veggies, trail mix, and milk. If you’re confident your kids are eating healthy at home, you won’t need to stress about the occasional treats they get elsewhere,” Amanda Rauf, PsyD, relates. Dr. Rauf is a psychologist who specializes in helping children with weight issues.

In schools, lunch is generally unhealthy. In between breaks, they might go have some ice cream or chocolate. In our home, I have established my own healthy diet that my kids have gotten to love. What’s good is that I can prepare it for them ahead so that when I go to work, they’ll have what they need when they’re hungry. And I’m sure it’s all good because I made them myself.

Also, I’ve taught my children to always be hydrated. However, it’s difficult for teachers to keep track of this in the classroom, as there are a lot of students and children drinking a lot of water means more of them going out of the rooms and heading for the bathrooms!

They Are More Mentally Healthy.


This is not to say that kids in public schools have mental health issues. “When parents are doing a lot of negotiating to remove anything that upsets the child, that child is at greater risk of anxiety,” elaborates Anne Marie Albano, Ph.D., director of the Columbia University Clinic for Anxiety and Related Disorders.

It’s only that homeschooled kids typically have better self-confidence and are less afraid. Perhaps this is because there are no bullies that traumatize them in their early years, forcing them to face this kind of challenge at a very young age. Thus, intimidation and peer pressure are better monitored not only by teachers or parents but also by fellow classmates (since my kids also have classmates, younger and older than them). They also look up to the older ones, who usually set good examples to their younger homeschooled mates.

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Final Thoughts

As I have said earlier, homeschooling is not for everybody. You have got to think twice and keep track of your children’s behavior, resilience, and overall character, as you will be deciding for them. I do not criticize the teachers. I know that most of them are doing what they can with whatever they have. I am just stating an opinion and a fact that homeschooling may be the better option for your kid if he is willing to make that commitment.

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